Battling Super-Resistant Mosquitoes: The Global Fight Against Dengue Fever

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Singapore’s Project Wolbachia began as a small-scale project involving the release of male mosquitoes that carry a natural parasite called Wolbachia, which prevents the eggs of female mosquitoes from hatching. This approach led to a dramatic 90% reduction in the A. aegypti mosquito population and a 77% decrease in dengue cases in the targeted areas. The project has been expanding steadily since its inception.

Recently, with a striking increase in dengue cases over the past ten weeks, Singapore’s government has urged for immediate action. In just the past week, the project released a further 350,000 Wolbachia-carrying males in an area and are planning to extend this initiative to four more regions within this first quarter. This means stepping up to produce a whopping 11 million male Wolbachia mosquitoes weekly and coverage from 26% to 35% of all households in Singapore.

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