Bed Bugs in Paris: A Traveler’s Guide to Navigating the Infestation

Unwanted Hitch-hikers: The Current Bed Bug Crisis in Paris

Paris, the city renowned for its art, cuisine, and fashion, is currently grappling with a less glamorous issue – a bed bug outbreak. French officials have labelled the situation “widespread,” as these nuisances have made their way into public spaces including the Paris Metro, high-speed trains, and Charles de Gaulle airport. 

Bed Bug Infestation in Paris Prompts Government Action Ahead of 2024 Olympics

Reports of the city being overrun by bed bugs, especially in public spaces like trains and movie theatres, have emerged​. Videos have surfaced showing mattresses piled up on Paris streets, showcasing the severity of the infestation​​.

The French government has taken cognisance of the situation, holding emergency meetings to devise solutions​​. The Transport Minister, Clement Beaune, convened a meeting with public transport operators to establish countermeasures against the bugs.  The Deputy Mayor of Paris, Emmanuel Gregoire, has urged the Prime Minister to act against this “scourge”. Especially with the upcoming 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games on the horizon.

Moreover, the infestation isn’t a new predicament for France. The country had witnessed a significant rise in bed bug occurrences in the 1990s owing to increased global travel. Although efforts were made to curb the problem, bed bugs had infiltrated 11% of French households between 2017 and 2022​​. The resurgence of this issue, now in the public domain, casts a long shadow on the city’s preparations for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Sidestepping the Scourge: Precautionary Measures for Travellers

The bed bug situation in Paris rings alarm bells for tourists and travellers, who might carry these unwelcome guests back home. Here’s how one can avoid falling prey to bed bug infestations while travelling:

Inspect Accommodations: Before settling in, thoroughly inspect your hotel room, especially the bed, for any signs of bed bugs​​.

Elevate Luggage: Keep your luggage off the floor and away from the bed to reduce the likelihood of bed bugs crawling into your belongings​.

Safe Suitcase Storage: Store your suitcase in places other than the bed, like the entryway or bathroom, especially before confirming the room is bug-free​​.

Hot Wash: After returning, wash and dry all your clothing at high temperatures to eliminate any stowaway bugs​​.

Avoid Upholstery: Bed bugs tend to hide in the seams and folds of luggage and clothes. Stow luggage on a rack or in places where bugs are less likely to hide​​.

Stay Informed: Stay updated about the bed bug situation in the area you are visiting and take necessary precautions advised by local health authorities.

Professional Consultation: If you experience any symptoms of bed bug bites, it’s advisable to consult with pest control services promptly.

A Bug-Free Return: Ensuring Safety Post Travel

Upon returning home, it’s advisable to continue exercising caution. Unpack directly into a washing machine and dry at high temperatures to exterminate any potential bed bug passengers​​. 

Contact pest control services if you experience symptoms from bed bug bites. While bed bugs are not known for carrying diseases, they can cause skin irritation which might need professional treatment.

Moreover, the public has been advised to avoid hysteria, as efforts are underway to mitigate the issue. With collective action and adherence to precautionary measures by both local authorities and individuals, the hope is to curb the spread of bed bugs and ensure a safer environment for both residents and visitors as Paris gears up for the 2024 Olympics.


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