BREAKING: Singaporean Celebrity Jamie Yeo Shares Her Breast Cancer Journey in Breast Cancer Awareness Month

jamie yeo breast cancer

In an interview with us, Singaporean host and former radio deejay Jamie Yeo bravely shares her battle with breast cancer, offering inspiration and insight into the critical need for early detection and emotional support.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of early detection and support for those affected by breast cancer.

Discovering the Diagnosis: A Personal Struggle 

In 2021, at 46, Jamie Yeo made a life-altering discovery. During a routine self-examination, she found a lump in her breast, a moment that would change her life forever. Yeo took to Instagram to share her journey, saying, “Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I found a lump during a self-examination. Long story short, I was extremely blessed that it was an early-stage, less aggressive tumour.”

Taking Swift Action: Treatment and Recovery

Yeo’s proactive approach to her health proved to be her greatest asset. In the video, she stated “I found a lump, mine was smaller. My ultrasound, biopsy and MRI came up inconclusive. It only took surgery for me to find out it was cancerous.”

Upon her diagnosis, she underwent a lumpectomy and radiation therapy. The combination of these treatments, along with an ongoing regimen of pills, has been effective in her battle against breast cancer. Her experience underscores the importance of early detection and swift action when facing this formidable disease.

jamie yeo breast cancer
Jamie Yeo with her doctors

A Message of Strength in October

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month unfolds, Jamie Yeo has chosen this time to share her story, amplifying the message of early detection and resilience. She states, “I’m all in,” demonstrating her unwavering commitment to supporting others in their journeys and encouraging them to be proactive about their health.

The Emotional Rollercoaster

In her heartfelt Instagram post, Yeo also candidly discusses the emotional and mental challenges she faced throughout her journey. She reflects on how life may seem ordinary on the surface, but the reality is anything but normal for those dealing with breast cancer. The period of uncertainty prompted deep soul-searching, with Yeo describing her feelings as a mix of fear, faith, resilience, hope, gratitude, and positivity.


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A Life Transformed: A Call for Change 

Post-surgery, with a “positive prognosis” in hand, Yeo’s outlook on life took a profound shift. She acknowledges her guilt, knowing that not all breast cancer patients are as fortunate. “I haven’t shared that I had breast cancer because I’m almost ashamed to call myself a survivor. I feel like I’m not a survivor if I didn’t go through chemotherapy.” She also commended the other interviewee, Kwa Lay Teng, who fought through breast cancer during pregnancy..

This realisation inspired her to make a vow to herself – to live life fully, with gratitude and a fierce motivation to change. She aspires to live a cleaner, simpler, kinder, and better life, cherishing every moment and opportunity.

Yeo added that she has also changed her diet and lifestyle. “We eat home grown vegetables and grass fed meat. We also try to avoid too much processed food and also try to only use olive oil when cooking at home. I also work less these days haha and I sleep more”


Jamie Yeo with her family

The B Word: MCA Interview on Jamie and Lay Teng’s Story

The revelation was announced in Jamie’s interview on our YouTube channel, where she spoke with fellow cancer survivor Kwa Lay Teng. Like Jamie, Lay Teng was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. She was 38 weeks pregnant when the ultrasound scan noticed the cancerous cell and had to induce pregnancy shortly after. Jamie’s and Lay Teng’s stories were shared as part of a video for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with support of DKSH and the Breast Cancer Foundation.

In Conclusion: A Resounding Message of Hope

Jamie Yeo’s journey is a powerful reminder of the significance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Her personal story underscores the importance of early detection and the emotional support required for those facing breast cancer. Together, we can raise awareness, offer hope, and support those in need during their fight against breast cancer. This October, let us all join in the mission to spread awareness and empower those affected by this disease.

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