Bukit Batok East opens pioneering facility focusing on early diabetes detection

bukit batok east diabetes

Bukit Batok East welcomed a new Community Health Resource Centre, marking World Diabetes Day and underpinning the escalating necessity for early diabetes intervention.

The new centre is named Bukit Batok East Community Health Resource Centre @ Nature View. The center targets the sharp rise in Type 2 diabetes in young people. This strategic move is initiated by the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. It arrives in time for World Diabetes Day and responds to urgent health statistics pointing to an emerging crisis. The opening, on Saturday, 28 October 2023, saw Mdm Rahayu Mahzam grace the event. She is the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Advisor to Jurong GRC GROs.

Responding to a Growing Health Threat

Recent years have witnessed a subtle but steady encroachment of Type 2 diabetes into younger age groups. Reports from the 2022 National Population Health Census indicate an unsettling scenario. 42.1% of young adults, specifically those between the ages of 30 and 39, are silently grappling with undiagnosed diabetes. This insidious rise calls for an immediate and structured response, which the new centre aims to provide.

Strategic Health Management

Positioned beyond a mere medical facility, the Community Health Resource Centre stands as the frontline in early detection, education, and proactive diabetes management. Offering 2,500 HbA1c tests within the next three years, it emphasises the significance of early intervention. The centre’s operation underlines a dual approach: making health resources accessible and increasing public awareness about lifestyle’s impact on diabetes prevalence.

Experts Emphasise Prevention

Through Early Detection Dr Chan Soo Ling, a specialist from NTFGH, shared insights on the need for early screening, especially in younger populations. “Hearly intervention for young people diagnosed with diabetes is crucial because it can help manage the condition effectively, prevent complications, and improve the overall quality of life,” explained Dr Chan. 

The centre’s approach aligns with this perspective, focusing on both preventive and remedial measures.

Community Empowerment 

Beyond clinical diagnosis, the centre conceptualises itself as an educational springboard, empowering individuals through health literacy. Regular health talks, interactive sessions with healthcare professionals, and continuous collaborations within the local health circuit form part of this initiative.

Dr Quek Lit Sin, CEO of Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, added that “The secondary objective of the centre is to build up a community-based health resource hub to empower residents. This is done together with the efforts of the resident committee, grassroots leaders and members.”

A Nationwide Health Initiative

The new health centre, anchored in Bukit Batok East, extends its outreach beyond the local residents. The initiative invites participation from first-degree relatives of individuals with diabetes across Singapore, reflecting the program’s inclusive ethos.

Advocacy for a Healthier Lifestyle

The consistent message resonating from healthcare professionals underscores a return to basics: balanced diets, regular physical activity, and elimination of harmful habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption are key. The centre is a testament to this principle, driving a community-wide healthy lifestyle movement.


The opening aligns with Singapore’s broader healthcare goals. The centre ensures a continuum of care for those diagnosed with diabetes, promoting an integrated approach to health and wellness. This strategy resonates with a broader commitment to public health, emblematic of Singapore’s forward-thinking healthcare policies.

Residents and interested parties can engage with the new facility through pre-registered appointments or walk-in inquiries. Consequently, this marks a step forward in Singapore’s dedicated fight against the diabetes epidemic.

Photo Credit: Ng Teng Fong Hospital

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