Charity LOVE, NILS Set to Hold Fundraiser to Spotlight Childhood Cancer Support in Singapore

Love, Nils

LOVE, NILS, a prominent charity focused on providing holistic support for children with cancer, is gearing up for its annual gala fundraiser this Saturday at the Shangri-La Singapore. 

The charity’s remarkable endeavours span from offering therapeutic interventions to bridging gaps in the healthcare system.

LOVE, NILS is a pillar in the community. They emphasised the importance of not just medical treatments but also emotional, social, and community support for young cancer patients. Their mission goes beyond clinical needs. They ensure that children and their families receive the care and guidance they require throughout their challenging journey.

The annual gala fundraiser for LOVE, NILS take place this Saturday at the Shangri-La Singapore. While tickets for the fundraiser are no longer available, donations are still welcome here

Highlighting Key Initiatives:

  • Care Coordinators: Firstly, positioned as LOVE, NILS’s primary endeavour, these experts guide families through the complexities of the healthcare system. Their role is all-encompassing, touching various facets of a child’s journey. This starts from the time of diagnosis to the varied phases of treatment and beyond.
  • Educational Programs: Collaborating with Boutique Education, the charity facilitates twice-weekly specialised tutoring sessions. Children whose treatments prevent regular school attendance are the specific target for these designs.
  • Artistic Outlets: LOVE, NILS aims to provide therapeutic, creative outlets for children during their treatment phase. This is through open art sessions, art camps, and specially curated art kits.
  • Toy Market: This unique initiative seeks to bring joy to young patients. They recreate a toy store experience within the hospital’s confines.
  • Engagement with Schools: With robust partnerships with seven Singaporean schools, LOVE, NILS fosters community support, awareness, and fundraising activities.
  • VIP Visits: They organise special visits from beloved characters to uplift the children’s spirits, highlighting the importance of resilience and hope.

The charity was previously featured on Netflix’s ‘The Apprentice: ONE Championship’. The episode aired on 1 February 2021, offering a profound insight into the foundation’s mission, its inception inspired by a personal tragedy, and its ongoing efforts to make a difference.

Therefore, the forthcoming gala is not just an event; it’s an affirmation of LOVE, NILS’s commitment to the children and their families, ensuring that every step of their cancer journey is met with hope, care, and community support. Consequently, those interested in joining hands with LOVE, NILS can explore various avenues, from donations to active participation in their diverse programs.’

Contribute to the cause through this link here.

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