DKSH Pioneering Vaccine Distribution and Cold Chain Management in Asia


DKSH, a Strategic Healthcare Solutions Partner of Market Expansion Services with a focus on Asia, has significantly contributed to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Thailand and across Asia. 

As countries grappled with the logistical challenge of distributing vaccines, DKSH’s Business Unit Healthcare played a pivotal role in ensuring millions received their doses in a timely and effective manner. Dr Varun Sethi, Regional Vice President, Commercial Outsourcing & Cluster Head for APAC, shares the different initiatives by DKSH across Asia.

Vital Role in Thailand’s Vaccine Rollout

Since February 2021, DKSH has been integral to Thailand’s vaccination efforts, marking a milestone with the delivery of over 70 million doses. Dr Sethi explained, “We delivered over 70 million doses of these various vaccines across Thailand, particularly in 2022. We were able to share these temperature-sensitive boxes with several customers. We had over 6,000 customers nationwide using these boxes to store these vaccines as they were being administered and contribute to the overall rollout of the vaccine in the country.” 

Unparalleled Distribution Network

Dr Varun Sethi, detailing DKSH’s contributions, highlighted the comprehensive approach from warehousing to point-of-care management. “It is to ensure timely delivery of these vaccines because it was critical to support the healthcare markets to achieve efficiency,” Sethi remarked. The company’s state-of-the-art storage and transportation solution, the Brilliant box (B-Box), played a crucial role, particularly in reaching rural and hard-to-access areas.

Overcoming Challenges and Innovating Solutions

The distribution of vaccines, especially those requiring stringent temperature control, posed significant challenges. DKSH leveraged its long-standing expertise in cold chain management to meet the diverse storage requirements of various vaccines. Real-time temperature monitoring and validated cold boxes ensured the vaccines’ efficacy throughout the delivery process. The company’s agility and resourcefulness were particularly evident in overcoming the climatic and infrastructural challenges prevalent in Southeast Asia.

Expanding Reach and Enhancing Capabilities

Beyond Thailand, DKSH’s efforts spanned across Asia, supporting local healthcare systems and clinics with innovative solutions and emergency services. The company’s commitment to enriching people’s lives and ensuring efficient healthcare aligns with its long-standing presence and trusted reputation in the region. DKSH has a presence in Thailand of over 160 years and 100 years in Malaysia. Its deep-rooted expertise has been instrumental in its effective response to the pandemic’s challenges.

Looking Ahead: A Commitment to Healthcare Excellence

As the pharmaceutical industry evolves with a growing focus on the reliability and safety of cold chain services, DKSH continues to innovate and improve its services. The company’s commitment to uninterrupted 24×7 emergency services, advanced demand forecasting, and intelligent data-driven solutions positions it as a leader in healthcare service provision, especially in times of crisis.

Dr Varun also shared the company’s future growth plans. He stated, “There are few of the markets where we are really starting to see that the ageing population is really catching up, which will create a significant rise in demand for good quality health care. We see huge opportunities in markets like Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. All these three markets are critical as we continue to make more investments in them. The reason for that is Vietnam has seen a rapid expansion, particularly as it’s come out of COVID-19, right because of the huge demand in the market. It is a very dynamic market that has historically been one of the fastest-growing markets in Asia. In fact, it’s becoming a very sought-after destination as a new medical tourism hub. So we have started seeing a lot more private Health Care Facilities come up.”


DKSH’s role in assisting the vaccine rollout in Asia demonstrates the critical importance of experienced market expansion services in public health emergencies. The company’s vast network, innovative solutions, and commitment to healthcare excellence have not only facilitated the widespread distribution of COVID-19 vaccines but have also set new standards in the industry for future healthcare challenges. As Asia and the world continue to navigate the pandemic and other healthcare needs, DKSH stands ready to support and drive forward the distribution of life-saving.


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