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ICYMI: PhilMedical Expo 2023 Excites Industry

The bustling capital of the Philippines, Manila, recently played host to the 6th Edition of PhilMed Expo 2023

The event was co-hosted with the Infectious Disease Control Expo (INDEC) Philippines 2023, Philippines Dental Expo 2023, and Philippines Medical Technology Expo 2023, showcased breakthroughs and innovations from the realms of medicine, dental care, pharmaceuticals, and lab technology. Philmed Expo 2023 was the third edition of the event.

A Melting Pot of Global Health Expertise

What made this expo unique? Firstly, it’s the only specialised medical event in the Philippines that offers an international convergence of healthcare, dental, pharmaceutical, and laboratory expertise. Additionally, participants, exhibitors, and visitors arrived in droves to witness the advancements in these sectors.

International Expertise: The Organiser

The brains behind the successful exposition, Fireworks Exhibitions and Conferences, are no strangers to managing international medical events. With accolades for hosting prestigious events such as Medical Asia Thailand, Thai Medical Expo, and Medical Myanmar, their expertise was palpable in the smooth flow and organisation of the expo.

Spotlight on Latest Developments

Key to the event’s success was the display of the latest in medical & healthcare technology and methods. From state-of-the-art dental equipment to innovative pharmaceutical solutions, there was something for every medical professional.

Medical Channel Asia’s Role

Medical Channel Asia was the official media partner for the event. Therefore, we invited some of the top doctors in the country to attend the conference. They include Dr Tony Leachon, special adviser for non-communicable diseases for the Department of Health, on behalf of Manila Doctors’ Hospital and esteemed doctors from Makati Medical Center. Also invited were the country’s top athletes like Mark Striegl and Islay Erika Bomogao. Medical Channel Asia interviewed the guests using its state-of-the-art marketing production capabilities.

Philmed Dr tony leachon

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