Metro Manila opens Memory Care Centers (MCC) in its Top Three Hospitals

Memory Care Centers Philippines

Makati Medical Center (MMC), Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC), and De Los Santos Medical Center, the top hospitals of Metro Manila, will open Memory Care Centers (MCCs) for comprehensive neurological services.

These services include neurological testing, innovative treatments suited for each individual, created by multidisciplinary medical teams, and supportive care management that offers resources and programs.

What are Memory Care Centers

Memory Care Centers are facilities that provide long-term care for people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and progressive degenerative dementia. They are a place tailor-made to the patient’s needs and safety. Memory Care primarily focuses on the welfare of the patients and being able to cater to what they need to help them cope with their activities in daily life. Its main goal is to help the patient maintain and function as long as possible.

Prevalence of Dementia and Alzheimer’s in the PH

According to a study about dementia Incidence in a Filipino-based community, the incidence rate of Filipinos having dementia is 16 out of 1000 people per year. 85.5% of people with dementia were also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Approximately 2,010 people in the Philippines died due to these conditions, with the country ranking 172nd for the highest death rate for these diseases worldwide. People who fall under the age of 65 years and older usually develop these diseases.  

What Memory Care Centers in the PH Hospitals Offer

The three hospitals will offer varied services for the patients to address every patient’s concerns.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center can assist patients through their contemporary expertise in the brain and memory. Their goal is to achieve early detection and management of dementia and to treat patients with cognitive impairment from brain injury and diseases.

Available Services:

  • Comprehensive neurocognitive workup
  • Medication management
  • Cognitive rehabilitation programs

Makati Medical Center (Memory Plus Center) will cater its services to patients with memory issues, cognitive impairment, and behavioral and psychological concerns related to neurodegenerative brain disorders.

Available Services:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, management, and treatment processes

De Los Santos Medical Center accepts anyone concerned with their mental health.

Available Services:

  • Consultations addressed by experts
  • Memory evaluations and assessment
  • Treatment and recommendations to monitor and improve wellness
  • Memory screening

Doctor’s Encouragement

Dr. Dante Bornales FPNA, MHPEd, a neurologist at Fatima University Medical Center, expresses his thoughts about MCCs. He stated, “Opening memory care centers are great for patient care because these facilities can offer the right patient services. Long-term caregivers undergo training to address the patient’s needs and assist the families properly. The only concern about MCCs is that the services are costly and do not meet the budget of the Filipinos.”

He also explained the importance of MCCs in society. Additionally, he stated “MCCs contribute to the quality of life of patients with dementia because these facilities can provide people that are trained specially for their cause.” 

Also, he added, “It is important for people to know of such facilities like MCCs. These facilities would tremendously help and give the proper quality of care to people suffering from memory-related disorders. Raising awareness of the benefits of these services can be an opportunity to pique the government’s attention, which can result in the possible funding of MCCs that could help the majority of elderly Filipinos and their families.”

Progress Towards the Future

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are often overlooked, causing a lack of guidance on the primary care and resources needed for the patients. Therefore, the opportunity for the top hospitals in the Philippines to open MCCs is a start in solving this issue. Establishing these places could pave the way for accessible mental and neurological care and the beginning of a better healthcare system in the country.

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