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Mobile Fitting Van Tackles Hearing Health Challenges in China

signia vans

Hearing aid producer Signia has launched its innovative initiative, the Signia Mobile Fitting Van, to address hearing health challenges in China.

They believe this can help address the inequalities in access to hearing aid care in China. “The joy of experiencing sound is universal. Yet, geographical barriers have prevented many in China from accessing quality hearing care.”

Features and Benefits

The Mobile Fitting Van, beyond merely providing accessibility, offers a comprehensive suite of services. Its design ensures convenience and safety. Particularly noteworthy is its built-in battery system, which powers the air conditioning for up to 7 hours. Consequently, this proves crucial for ensuring comfort in extreme weather conditions.

Attention to detail is evident. Safety straps on passenger seats and steps with handles have been installed, prioritising especially the elderly’s safety.

Redefining Reach and Accessibility

The main intent is to foster opportunities for local distributors and establish a robust hearing health network in even the most secluded areas. Hence, the van is targeted at regions with healthcare accessibility challenges. To acheve this, the team plans to organise roadshows and user-centric events.

Bernd Wagner, CEO of WS Audiology China, commented, “The hearing industry has faced long-standing issues with accessibility and the availability of trained specialists. Our Mobile Fitting Van addresses these challenges, renewing our commitment to historically underserved communities.”

A first-of-its-kind initiative, Signia disrupts the Chinese hearing aid market by offering mobile fitting services, bringing hearing aid assessments closer to home.

Empowering the Masses

At this time, over 1.6 billion individuals globally suffer from hearing loss. Furthermore, around 430 million of them experiencing severe forms that demand intervention. However, shockingly only 20% of those in need have access to hearing aids.

Therefore, Signia, with the new Mobile Fitting Van, hopes to bridge this gap. Wagner further elucidated, “Our vision is clear – to make hearing aids accessible to all, regardless of location or socioeconomic status. We hope to simplify hearing tests and amplify awareness about hearing protection.” 

signia vans

Q&A with Bernd Wagner

Firstly, who will be using the vans?

“The Signia Mobile Fitting Van is equipped with qualified hearing care professionals who are trained to conduct comprehensive hearing tests, fittings, and adjustments. These professionals ensure that individuals receive personalised and accurate assessments, making the process convenient and effective for users.”

Secondly, what are the services that can be provided?

“The Signia Mobile Fitting Van offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at addressing hearing health needs. These include thorough hearing tests to assess the individual’s auditory well-being, fittings to ensure the perfect hearing aid match, and adjustments to fine-tune hearing aid settings for optimal comfort and effectiveness. The van is thoughtfully designed with a dedicated consulting area and testing room, ensuring a comfortable and personalised experience. The mobility of a van allows us to reach communities that may have limited access to hearing care, bringing essential services directly to their doorstep.”

Finally, where and in what numbers will you deploy these vans?

“We first launched this initiative in June this year and have seen very positive responses from our partners. Currently, we have 10 Signia Mobile Fitting vans on the road, but the number is increasing rapidly given the market’s enthusiastic response.”

The service is currently available in these cities:

  • Sichuan 
  • Henan
  • Guizhou
  • Shan’xi
  • Yun’nan
  • Chongqing (municipal city)
  • Qinghai 
  • Jiangxi

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