[Philippines] FDA Announces Crackdown on Online Fake Products and False Advertising


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed plans to establish a task force to target online sellers engaged in distributing fake products and deceptive advertising. 

This is executed in a significant move to fortify consumer protection and combat the rising tide of counterfeit goods. This initiative is particularly pertinent given the growing concerns surrounding dubious skincare and supplement products, predominantly marketed through social media platforms.

Ensuring Safety and Quality

FDA Director General Samuel Zacate underscored the pivotal role played by the agency’s approval process. They are to guarantee the safety, efficacy, and overall quality of products available in the market. Zacate emphasised that FDA approval provides a critical assurance to consumers, especially regarding drugs and healthcare products. He delved into the rigorous evaluation processes that products undergo. This includes exhaustive clinical trials and scientific reviews to ensure that they meet the stringent standards the FDA sets.

Challenges in Enforcement

Recognising the complexities of enforcing regulations for online sellers, Zacate acknowledged the difficulties in implementing them. Specifically, he noted the challenges against those operating without physical offices. Additionally, online platforms’ inherent anonymity and dynamic nature pose challenges for authorities in tracing and apprehending offenders. Zacate also shed light on collaborative efforts between the FDA and law enforcement agencies. One example of this is the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). They are tasked to track down manufacturers, sellers, and endorsers of illicit products. He also elucidated on the inherent difficulties in serving notices and subpoenas to entities without fixed physical locations.

Composition of the Task Force

The newly established task force comprises a strategic collaboration of key stakeholders, including the FDA, NBI, the Philippine National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group, the Intellectual Property Office, and the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency. This multidisciplinary approach aims to fortify enforcement efforts. Additionally, it fosters enhanced coordination in the fight against counterfeit goods and deceptive advertising practices. Each agency brings unique expertise and resources to the table, enabling a comprehensive, targeted, and synergistic approach to enforcement.

Ongoing Initiatives

Zacate drew attention to the FDA’s previous initiatives, such as Oplan Katharos, which targeted counterfeit medicines, as evidence of the agency’s proactive stance against fraudulent products. The launch of the task force underscores the FDA’s unwavering commitment to addressing the challenges posed by fake advertisements and illicit online sales. He emphasised the need for continuous monitoring, adaptation, and collaboration to stay ahead of evolving tactics employed by unscrupulous sellers in the rapidly changing online landscape.

Regulatory Guidelines for Online Ordering Services

While recognising the potential benefits of online ordering services, the FDA stipulates stringent guidelines to ensure accountability and consumer safety. Sellers must operate from FDA-licensed drug outlets with physical addresses. Any drug outlet seeking online ordering services must undergo a meticulous application process subject to FDA approval. This approach strikes a delicate balance, promoting accessibility while safeguarding consumer interests and maintaining regulatory standards within the online marketplace.


The FDA’s decision to establish a dedicated task force signifies a proactive and comprehensive approach to safeguarding public health and consumer rights. The agency aims to uphold regulatory integrity and maintain trust in the safety and quality of consumer products. This is done by cracking down on online peddlers of fake products and false advertising. Therefore, as technology continues to evolve, the FDA remains committed to adapting its strategies to effectively combat emerging threats and protect the welfare of consumers, thereby reaffirming its role as a vigilant guardian of public health and safety in the modern era.

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