President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Inaugurates the Healthway Cancer Care Hospital in the PH

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In a groundbreaking move towards advancing healthcare in the Philippines, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. recently inaugurated the Healthway Cancer Care Hospital (HCCH), marking a significant step forward in the nation’s fight against cancer. 

The President spoke in his address during the launch event in Taguig City two weeks ago. He emphasised the importance of the new facility in providing comprehensive cancer care services. He also encouraged the public to take advantage of these vital resources.

The Cancer Challenge in the Philippines

During the launch event, President Marcos Jr. emphasised the significance of HCCH in the national healthcare landscape. According to the 2020 data from the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the third leading cause of mortality in the Philippines. The data recorded that 141,021 individuals were diagnosed with cancer, and 86,337 of these individuals died due to it. 

As cancer remains one of the most dreaded illnesses in the Philippines, he acknowledged the pervasive fear and challenges associated with it. He emphasised the pressing need to address this formidable health crisis. With establishing HCCH, President Marcos expressed confidence in fortifying the nation’s capabilities to detect and combat cancer effectively.

Services of Healthway Cancer Care Hospital

HCCH positions itself as a premier healthcare institution dedicated to cancer patients, offering a comprehensive range of services encompassing screening, diagnosis, treatment, and post-cancer care. The hospital takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, including state-of-the-art facilities for radiation oncology, surgery, chemotherapy, and palliative care, providing a holistic and integrated approach to cancer treatment.

Vision for Improved Access to Cancer Care

Subsequently. President Marcos highlighted that the opening of HCCH is a crucial step toward improving access to quality cancer care for Filipinos. He emphasised the collaborative efforts with the private sector, aligning with the Philippine Health Facility Development Plan and the Integrated Cancer Program. He said that the ultimate goal is to work towards achieving universal healthcare.

Revolutionising Cancer Care in the Philippines

President Marcos expressed unwavering optimism in HCCH’s potential to revolutionise the cancer care service industry in the Philippines. This transformative journey is anticipated to be fueled by modern equipment, cutting-edge technology, and a team of leading medical professionals and oncologists. President Marcos believes that these advancements will enhance healthcare and position the Philippines as a leading destination for healthcare excellence in Asia.

Call to Action

President Marcos also urged public and private stakeholders to support the Philippine Health Facility Development Plan. Additionally, he asked for investment in establishing more health facilities similar to HCCH. Recognising the financial burdens associated with cancer treatments, he stressed the importance of collaborative efforts between the government and private partners to uphold the total well-being of the Filipino people.

Beyond HCCH, President Marcos highlighted the presence of 25 speciality centres for cancer care in select hospitals nationwide. The Department of Health runs these. Additionally, he emphasised the availability of the PhilHealth Konsulta Primary Care Team, which provides free diagnostic examinations and laboratory tests. The establishment of the Cancer Assistance Fund was also noted, aimed at covering the costs of cancer diagnostics and laboratories not covered by PhilHealth.


Finally, the inauguration of the Healthway Cancer Care Hospital stands as a pivotal moment in the trajectory of Philippine healthcare. President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s visionary commitment to improving access to quality cancer care, coupled with comprehensive healthcare initiatives. This echoes the nation’s dedication to enhancing the well-being of its citizens. The collaborative model between the government and the private sector is exemplified by HCCH. Additionally, it sets a positive precedent for the future of healthcare in the country.

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