BREAKING: Singapore to relax COVID-19 measures in phases

Singapore has recently tightened measures to curb COVID-19, in view of the rising community and unlinked cases. This tightened measures were called the Phase 2 Heightened Alert (P2HA), and are in effect from 16 May 2021 (Friday) through till 13 June 2021 (Sunday).

The COVID-19 situation in Singapore is gradually improving, with cases dropping to single digits in the previous few days. The Singapore government and Ministry of Health (MOH) has recently announced on 10 Jun (Thursday) that the country will gradually move to Phase 3 (Heightened Alert) in a phased manner.

The changes will take place from 14 June (Monday) onwards. If the situation continues to be under control, the nation will gradually relax the measures the following week (21 June, Thursday).

Here are the summary of the changes:

Summary of changes from 14 June (Monday)

1. Increase in Social Gathering Group Size

  • Social gathering group size limit increase from current 2 pax to 5 pax
  • Increase cap from 2 distinct visitors per household to 5 distinct visitors per household
  • Encouraged to limit social gatherings to no more than 2 per day

2. Increase in Event Size and Capacity Limits

  • Attractions, cruises, museums and public libraries: increased from 25% to 50% maximum capacity
  • Cinemas, MICE, live performances, spectator sport events, congregational and other worship activities, marriage solemnisations: increased from 100 to 250 pax with pre-event testing (PET). Maximum of 50 pax without PET

Summary of changes from 21 June (Monday)

The following are changes that will be taking place if the situation manages to be under control:

1. Dining-in at F&B establishment

  • With strict 1m distancing between groups of no more than 5 pax

2. Wedding receptions

  • Allowed to be resumed
  • 100 pax with PET, 50 pax without PET (includes wedding couple but excludes vendors)
  • PET required for wedding party (up to 20 pax)

3. Resumption of indoor mask-off sports activities

  • Gyms and fitness studios may resume indoor mask-off sports activities, with safe distancing measures of at least 2m between participants, and at least 3 metres between groups of up to 5 persons
  • Sports classes (both indoors and outdoors) to be capped at 30 persons, including instructor(s), with groups no more than 5 persons

4. In-person tuition and enrichment classes

  • Allowed to resume with enhanced safe distancing measures

Other pointers

1. Work-from-home (WFH) to remain as the default

  • To reduce overall footfall and interactions, WFH will remain as the default
  • For employees unable to WFH, employers are to ensure staggered start-times and flexible working hours
  • No cross-deployment to multiple worksites

2. Sale of Antigen Rapid Test (ART) Self-Test Kit at Retail Pharmacies

  • Available test kits from 16 June (Wednesday) onwards:
    • Abbott PanBioTM COVID-19 Antigen Self-test
    • QuickVue At-Home OTC COVID-19 Test
    • SD Biosensor SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Self-Test Nasal
    • SD Biosensor Standard Q COVID-19 Ag Home Test
  • These kits produces results in less than 20mins, easy-to-use and self-administered
  • Limited to 10 ART kits per person
  • Individuals who have respiratory symptoms should continue to visit a doctor for a full diagnosis and PCR test instead of relying on an ART self-test kit

In the meanwhile, continue to mask up and stay safe, while the vaccination drive continues in every country.

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