Singlife and IHH Unite to Redefine Medical Coverage in Asia

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Singaporean financial services company, Singlife, is joining forces with private integrated healthcare provider IHH Healthcare. 

The collaboration will allow Singlife patients to access treatment in IHH facilities. It aims to transform healthcare cost management while boosting customer experience.

A Network of Trusted Brands

IHHSG is the largest private integrated healthcare provider in Southeast Asia. This includes esteemed brands like Gleneagles Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, and Parkway East Hospital. Now, Singlife Shield policyholders can avail themselves of these networks, enhancing the affordability and trustworthiness of healthcare solutions in Singapore.

Dr Prem Kumar Nair, Chief Executive Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore, stated that this is “an endeavour that aims to elevate healthcare by making it more accessible, efficient and sustainable for all our valued patients.”

Benefits to Policyholders

Starting from 9 September 2023, Singlife Shield and Singlife Health Plus policyholders will enjoy a more comprehensive array of benefits. They will be granted direct access to over 500 accredited medical specialists across IHHSG’s extensive network. Additionally they will no not need prior authorisation from their insurer for in-patient care.

iXchange, the Third-Party Administrator of IHHSG, manages the smooth and cashless admission process. This process ensures that policyholders can focus on recovery without unnecessary stress.

Richard Vargo, Group Head of Products, Propositions and Transformation, Singlife stated that “On top of being entitled to a wider panel of medical benefits, Singlife Shield policyholders are no longer required to request a Certificate of Pre-Authorisation (CPA) when seeking treatment with IHH Healthcare Singapore’s vast network of over 500 accredited medical specialists, which is expected to expand to over 600-strong by January 2024.”

“The removal of CPA requirements, which normally takes two working days to process after obtaining complete information from their specialist, has streamlined our policyholder’s admission process. Instead of a CPA, policyholders will receive a “Pre-Admission Assessment Letter” (PAL), with an estimated claim coverage of their planned admission. This letter cuts out steps from administrative processes and instead, allows them to prioritise and focus on medical treatment and recovery.”, Vargo added.

Extending Medical Care

Beyond hospital stays, the partnership also extends to other aspects of a patient’s medical journey. Singlife’s inclusion of Parkway Cancer Centre as a preferred provider for Singlife Cancer Cover Plus, following the addition of Icon Cancer Centre in December 2022, guarantees a seamless recovery journey for policyholders requiring cancer treatment.

Conclusion: A Positive Step Forward

This pioneering collaboration between Singlife and IHH Healthcare Singapore represents a timely and innovative response amid rising healthcare costs. This partnership aligns medical expertise with insurance needs. Therefore, the partnership promises to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the residents of Singapore. This is setting a noteworthy example for the rest of the region.

This partnership is focused on customer experience, affordability, and medical cost control. In conclusion the move reflects a forward-thinking approach that other healthcare and insurance providers across Asia may well seek to emulate.

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