Thaksin Shinawatra Hospitalised: Health Concerns Arise Post-Return from Exile

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Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra faced a sudden health scare mere hours after returning to Thailand, following 15 years of exile.

Thaksin has since been moved to Bangkok’s Police General Hospital, showing concerns related to high blood pressure and low blood oxygen levels.

Medical Update

Last week, Thaksin was transferred from the Corrections Department’s hospital to the Police General Hospital due to chest tightness and heightened blood pressure. Pol Lt-Gen Sophonrat Singhajaru, the hospital’s chief physician, confirmed that Thaksin’s condition saw slight improvement since then. However, he’s still battling fatigue and high blood pressure. For now, the former prime minister requires oxygen support, and the hospital has restricted all visitations. He has several existing health issues, including issues with his blood pressure, lungs, heart and his spine.

Special Medical Team Assigned

In light of Thaksin’s pre-existing heart and lung conditions coupled with COVID-19, a six-doctor team has taken charge of his medical care. These doctors are experts in heart and lung diseases as well as COVID-19 treatments.

No Special Treatment, Claims Hospital

Despite having a former leader under their care, Pol Lt-Gen Sophonrat assures that Thaksin receives no special treatment. Several elderly patients, he pointed out, had similar transfers from the Corrections Department’s hospital in the past. Thaksin remains unshackled during his hospital stay, not due to his stature but in adherence to laws that exempt those under 16 or over 70. Plus, shackling could potentially hamper his medical care.

Room Conditions

Thaksin will have his own room during his hospitalisation. One notable issue is the malfunctioning air-conditioning system in Thaksin’s room. The hospital has since provided electric fans to mitigate the situation. However, for a transfer to a private hospital, Thaksin’s family would require permission from the Corrections Department.

Last Thursday, a senior Justice Ministry official and the chief of the Corrections Department confirmed that the Police General Hospital is still treating former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra. They emphasized that authorities would not easily permit his transfer to a more comfortable private hospital.

Mr Sahakarn Phetnarin, deputy permanent secretary for the Justice Ministry, and Mr Nassathee Thongplad, commander of the Bangkok Remand Prison, each conducted press conferences. They refuted rumours suggesting Thaksin’s transfer from the police hospital to Phraram 9 Hospital, where Thaksin’s family holds significant shares.

Why was Thaksin Hospitalised?

Thaksin, who is 74 now, harbours multiple health conditions. A significant concern is his heart disease. Sitthi Sutivong, a spokesperson from the Corrections Department, stated the prison hospital lacked the essential equipment for someone with Thaksin’s conditions. Hence, transferring him to the Police hospital was a vital step to circumvent any life-threatening risks.

Historical Context

Thaksin Shinawatra, a renowned billionaire, held the Prime Minister position until 2006 when a coup led to his ousting. He returned to Thailand on Tuesday on a private jet, a strategic move aligning with the Pheu Thai party’s bid to create a new government in collaboration with several other political parties, some even having ties to the military.

In the latest update, Srettha Thavisin, Pheu Thai party’s choice for prime minister, has successfully received parliamentary support and the subsequent royal endorsement.

In conclusion, Thaksin Shinawatra’s health has become a primary concern after his recent return to Thailand. With expert medical teams on board, the nation and the world keenly await updates on his recovery.

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