What Victor Wembanyama Does to Prepare for NBA Draft

Victor Wembanyama, the most anticipated basketball prospect in Europe in the last 20 years, is taking a unique approach to prepare for his NBA debut. Wembanyama is expected to be the top pick in this summer’s NBA draft. 

Victor Wembanyama’s warm-up routine has gone viral, as has his incredible skill. In this article, we will take a look at what he does to prepare his body for the NBA.

Sleeping habits

Wembanyama’s athletic trainer, Guillaume Alquier, emphasizes the importance of sleep to his preparation. Wembanyama aims to get ten hours of sleep every day, but eight to nine hours suffice. He receives reminders from his trainer and Paris-based agent, Jeremy Medjana, to get enough rest. Medjana even clears his schedule in the afternoons for Wembanyama’s nap time.

Training routine

Wembanyama follows a rigorous training routine to prepare for his NBA debut. Alquier works extensively on Wembanyama’s feet, which are vital to protect due to his long, arched, and narrow Size 21 feet. To prevent injury, Wembanyama has been working to align his knees and land softly since he was 15. He also spends two hours every evening with Alquier to work on his body.

Pre-game routine

Pre-game routine is an important aspect of Victor Wembanyama’s preparation for basketball games. He arrives at the arena early and goes through an extensive body activation routine with his athletic trainer, Guillaume Alquier, which includes juggling tennis balls and other fast-twitch muscle and hand-eye coordination warmups. Then, he spends time working on his big toes with Alquier, using bands to stretch them and create resistance to improve his body’s stability and warm up his legs. Wembanyama is often one of the first players on the floor, and he goes through shooting drills and other basketball-specific warmup exercises to prepare his body and mind for the game ahead. But his out-of-the-box techniques these days draw a crowd.


Wembanyama’s diet has helped him maintain a healthy body to support his growth. He has optimised his diet by eating five meals a day. This ensure his muscles can keep up with his bones. While he aims to gain strength, he is careful not to put on too much weight too quickly, as it can make him injury-prone.

Playing with Mets

Playing with his team, the Mets, has given Wembanyama more quality reps to prepare for the NBA. He did not have an ideal experience playing for ASVEL, which made it hard for him to get steady playing time due to injuries. With the Mets, his preparation for the NBA is the top priority.


Victor Wembanyama’s unique approach to his NBA preparation includes focusing on his sleeping habits, feet, training routine, diet, and playing for the Mets. Brands are eager to partner with him, but his agents remain cautious, ensuring he stays focused on basketball.

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