WHO Announces COVID-19 Health Emergency Finally Comes to an End

WHO press conference

Even though statistics show that 1 person dies every 3 minutes, the World Health Organization finally declared the Global Health Emergency of COVID-19, over.

After 3 years of unprecedented times, the WHO announced that the world is no longer under the global health emergency of the pandemic COVID-19. The pandemic took nearly 7 million lives across the globe. WHO Director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus stated that while the emergency of health has now come to an end, countries would now have to adapt and transition to a system where COVID-19 is treated as an infectious disease. He also warns countries that the virus remains and must still be taken seriously.

Dr Tedros added in the press conference “The worst thing any country could do now is to use this news as a reason to let down its guard, to dismantle the systems it has built, or to send the message to its people that COVID-19 is nothing to worry about,”

He added in the announcement that while 7 million lives were lost, the original estimate of deaths would go up to about 20 million. Almost thrice as much as the current figure. “Yesterday, the Emergency Committee met for the 15th time and recommended to me that I declare an end to the public health emergency of international concern. I’ve accepted that advice. It is therefore with great hope that I declare Covid-19 over as a global health emergency,” Dr Tedros said.

According to the WHO, one of the major turning points of the pandemic was the creation of vaccines. According to the organisation, 13 billion doses have been given around the world allowing protection, and lowering the risk of the development of serious illnesses and death. 

Dr Tedros also stated “Those scars must serve as a permanent reminder of the potential of new viruses to emerge with devastating consequences”

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