Doctor Charged After Causing the Death of a Woman Who Underwent Aesthetic Treatment


An aesthetic treatment turned into tragedy after Doctor administered EDTA to a 32-year-old woman.

Lau Li Ting is a property agent in Singapore who went to Revival Medical & Aesthetics Centre to get an aesthetic treatment, in January 2019. On 8 Mar of the same year, Ms Lau went for another beauty treatment after which her brother received a call that his sister was rushed to the emergency due to an accident. 

Ms Lau’s family arrived at the hospital 2 hours after the call and was told that Ms Lau’s heart had stopped for a moment and there was little activity that could be seen in her brain. The patient went into a coma and after being on life support for 5 days, she passed away on 13 Mar 2019.

On 11 Oct 2022, it was reported that Dr Chan Bingyi had been charged with Ms Lau’s death by a negligent act that does not amount to culpable homicide. Dr Chan, a 34-year-old Singaporean is accused of administering ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) through intravenous injection to Ms Lau. It was allegedly administered with too high of a concentration and too quickly. This led to Ms Lau’s cardiac arrest and eventually, death. 

If Dr Chan is convicted of the death of Ms Lau, he will be serving either 2 years of jail time, face a fine, or both. As of now, judges on Dr Chan’s case agreed to release him on SGD 5,000 bail and is set to return on 7 Nov.


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