Aung La N Sang: Inside the mind of a MMA fighter, with sports psychologist Edgar Tham

Often people place all the emphasis on the physical capabilities of an athlete, when in fact, the mental skills they possess had a hand in their success as well. 

Aung La N Sang “The Burmese Python”, Former 2-division MMA World Champion, agrees fully. He shares his own experience on how mental skills have been relevant to him through his career, from getting into the correct mental space before his professional fights, to dealing with losses and disappointment. 

Edgar Tham from SportPsych Consulting, Singapore, chimes in with his experience. As a Sports and Performance Psychologist, he works closely with professional athletes to teach mental skills, so they can perform at their best.

Watch the full exclusive interview with Aung La N Sang in the video below:

Food for thought: How would you adapt mental toughness and mental strength training in your daily lives? Comment down below!

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