Sarawak Aims to Become Borneo’s Medical Epicentre: New 320-Bed Hospital in the Pipeline

Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg borneo

Sarawak Premier Tan Sri Abang Johari Openg recently unveiled ambitious plans to make Sarawak the centre for medical excellence on the island of Borneo

The Premier was speaking at the 35th anniversary of the state-owned Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC). He confirmed the state government’s commitment to boosting healthcare infrastructure to make it the hub of Borneo.

Ambitious Plans to Serve More Patients

With the rising economic prowess of Sarawak, the government now aims to make the state a hub for top-notch medical care, not just for locals but also for people from Kalimantan and Brunei. Additionally, he intends to capture the new population that will blossom in the new Indonesian capital of Nusantara. Nusantara is located on the island of Borneo and is expected to be a short flight to Sarawak.. “We plan to upgrade all facilities at NMSC. Since Indonesia is relocating its capital to Nusantara, we can extend our healthcare services to them as well,” said Abang Johari.

State-of-the-Art Facility Coming Soon

To make this dream a reality, a new 320-bed NMSC will be constructed on the Santubong peninsula by a river’s edge. According to the Premier, this hospital will feature the most advanced medical technologies. He said, “When completed, the hospital will offer a nurturing and tranquil environment for patients as they receive their treatment.”

More Than Just a Hospital

Interestingly, the new hospital aims to be more than just a medical facility. “We’re designing an environmentally friendly hospital. We’ll also add a shopping complex and a hotel to create a holistic ecosystem. This aims to offer comfort and convenience to patients and their families,” said Abang Johari.

Continuity in Excellence

The present 130-bed NMSC was built in 1988 in Petra Jaya in memory of the late Toh Puan Normah, the wife of the late Sarawak Governor Tun Abdul Rahman Yaakob. Abang Johari reassured that the state government will continue to support NMSC in its pursuit of innovation, research, medical excellence, and delivering high-quality healthcare.

Gratitude to Medical Personnel

Moreover, the Premier also announced a two-month incentive for medical personnel and staff at NMSC. “This incentive is a token of the state government’s gratitude for their unwavering dedication and effort,” he added.

A Milestone for Asia’s Healthcare

If successful, this move could be a significant milestone in elevating healthcare standards on the island of Borneo. An increasing number of Asian countries and cities are investing in healthcare. If done right, Sarawak could be well on its way to becoming a regional leader.

The Medical Perspective

From a medical viewpoint, the expansion and upgrade of NMSC could pave the way for new medical research and treatments in the region. Increased capacity means more room for specialty treatments and surgeries, improving patient outcomes. It could also serve as a model for how to integrate technology and environmental considerations into healthcare. This could be a lesson that could be valuable across Asia.

By embarking on this ambitious project, Sarawak could transform the face of healthcare on the island of Borneo and set a precedent for other Asian countries to follow. With the state government’s strong commitment and substantial investment, Sarawak could become the epicentre for medical reference in Borneo. 

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