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Brandon Vera: Staying motivated and healthy through the COVID-19 pandemic

brandon vera staying motivated and healthy through COVID-19 pandemic

In an exclusive interview with Medical Channel Asia, Brandon Vera (also known by his stage name as ‘The Truth’), former MMA Heavyweight World Champion, shares about how he stays in fighting shape; and advises how we can stay motivated and healthy through the pandemic. For him, the key was to surround himself with like-minded people who are as passionate about fitness as himself, to help him stay on the right track. 

Brandon stresses the importance of daily activity in maintaining our health throughout the pandemic. Making plans for exercise and holding ourselves responsible to the written reminders help us to stay accountable to our health and exercise goals. We could even incorporate short exercises into daily life during pockets of free time throughout the day. A little exercise is better than nothing; and every bit of exercise we do adds up to a better, healthier life.

Watch the full exclusive interview with Brandon Vera in the video below:

Brandon’s Challenge: Every time you hit a commercial break while watching TV, do 5 push-ups, jump up, then 5 squats (That’s 1 set!). Repeat 2 or more times throughout the day. Comment down below what are your tips to stay healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic!

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