Break the Acne Cycle with Benzac

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While treating acne can be difficult, it is not impossible, especially when you seek advice from experts!

At Galderma (for the uninitiated, think Cetaphil), they hold to the belief that there are no quick fixes with Benzac. A line of therapeutic acne treatment products was curated for you to reliably depend on to stop breakouts once and for all (and everything that comes with them). Combining the powerhouse ingredient – benzoyl peroxide and Galderma’s own unique AC technology (acrylates copolymer); that is, tiny beads that absorb up to four times their own weight in liquid, the real culprit of acnebacteria, can be swiftly tackled.

Bacteria lives at the base of your body’s millions of hair follicles. Normally it resides peacefully off the naturally occurring sebum produced by your body, as its food source. But when there is a surplus production of sebum, there begins the multiplication of bacteria. Acne begins to pop – signalling that it’s time to start whipping out your Benzac Spots Treatment Gel!

Benzoyl peroxide delivers antibacterial action within 48 hours, killing off acne-causing bacteria and thus reducing inflammation and unclogging pores. Unlike antibiotics, bacteria has not been able to become resistant to benzoyl peroxide! The AC technology works like a sponge, sucking up any excess sebum on your skin, and simultaneously releasing glycerin to soothe and hydrate, resulting in smooth and soft skin.

Many acne sufferers have the tendency to cleanse their skin excessively. Over-cleansing not only damages the skin’s natural barrier, but also worsens existing irritated, inflamed skin conditions. The Research & Development team at Galderma has specially formulated the new Benzac pH Control Antibacterial Face Wash which maintains your skin’s natural pH to preserve its acid mantle film. This film acts as a barrier to acne-causing bacteria and helps prevent future breakouts.

What sets out the Benzac skincare range from other skincare products? 

  1. Dermatologically tested. The line has been tested by dermatologists and found to be effective, safe, and gentle on the skin. The range is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  2. Clinically proven. Clinical studies have shown that Benzac Spots Treatment Gel is effective in reducing acne, with visible results in just a few weeks. The range is also suitable for long-term use, helping to prevent breakouts from returning.

If you’re looking for a solution to your acne problems, start the Benzac skincare routine! You won’t be disappointed.

The Benzac skincare line is now available at leading e-commerce platforms and retailers across Singapore, including Shopee, Lazada, Watsons, and Guardian.

About Galderma

Galderma is No. 1 for Anti-Acne products globally3 and is committed to delivering innovative medical solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving healthcare professionals worldwide. The company is focused on enhancing the quality of life of people who suffer from skin diseases and conditions. Galderma’s portfolio of medical solutions, which is available in over 100 countries, includes treatments for acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.



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  2. Bacteria is one of the causes of acne
  3. Based on internal analysis by Galderma using data from the following source: IQVIA: MIDAS® Global Quarterly, Q2 2022, ATC: D10 ANTI-ACNE PREPARATIONS, 75 countries, for the time period MAT Q2 2022 reflecting estimates of real-world activity. Copyright IQVIA. All rights reserved.

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