CHI Unveils New Healthcare Innovation Framework: Combining Health and Social Care

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The Centre For Healthcare Innovation (CHI) has launched a fresh initiative designed to strengthen capabilities in health and social care. This comes in tandem with the National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity Awards, which recognised seven remarkable projects that made significant strides in addressing care and workforce challenges.

This year’s CHI Innovate conference emphasised the crucial role of digital innovation in healthcare, in line with the Ministry of Health’s national initiative, Healthier SG. This initiative focuses on preventive and population health, highlighting the importance of fostering better capabilities across healthcare and social care organisations.

Honing Key Social Drivers for Health

The new initiatives aim to respond effectively to these factors through a comprehensive network of care in every neighbourhood. This involves collaboration between national and social agencies, family doctors, healthcare organisations, and residents to cater to the more vulnerable and empower health for everyone.

The CHI Health and Social Change Academy

The Health and Social Change Academy is one of the key initiatives launched by CHI. It seeks to enable health and social care agencies to build and sustain communities of care. The academy’s programmes range from studying population health science and social prescribing to fostering collective leadership and designing large-scale change movements.

The Digital CoC Playground: Digital Solutions for Health

Alongside the academy, CHI has established a ‘Digital Community of Care (CoC) Playground’. The sandbox, actively set up to foster collaborations, focuses specifically on digital solutions. Its goal is to inspire residents to embrace healthier behaviours. It ensures care accompanies the resident, targets a broader population and centralises residents’ needs.

Community partners are encouraged to bring their problem statements into the Digital Playground. Thereafter, CHI facilitates matching these with appropriate organisations, sponsors, technology experts, and funders to develop a digital CoC solution.

Launch of Health Kampung

Additionally, NHG recently launched their digital Heath Kampung. The app provides residents in Central and North Singapore access to about 800 health and social care programmes. Consequently, they are now developing a shared Health Kampung dashboard and portal for cross-referrals and joint health planning for residents.

Community Rehab and Medication Literacy

To enhance community-based rehabilitation and improve medication adherence for seniors, community care agencies AWWA and Care Corner Singapore are looking to utilise the Playground to explore potential solutions. Two solutions developed by Tan Tock Seng Hospital, namely Allycare and MedCoach, stand out for their potential.

Firstly, Allycare, an AI-powered mobile application, improves compliance with home exercises for back, neck, and ankle conditions for patients. Meanwhile, MedCoach assists patients in improving medication literacy and compliance.

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