Conference in Kuala Lumpur to Discuss Importance of Tech in Healthcare

Kuala Lumpur

Hospital Management Asia (HMA) and the Association of Private Hospitals Malaysia (APHM) have announced that they will co-host HMA’s annual regional conference in Malaysia on September 5th and 6th, 2023. The event, which will take place at the Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, will be themed “Embracing Change for More Efficient Healthcare”.

The conference aims to bring together healthcare leaders from across Asia and facilitate important discussions on how hospitals can leverage digital technology to improve patient outcomes. Pinky Fadullon, HMA Project Director, said, “With the theme ‘Embracing Change for More Efficient Healthcare,’ we aim to inspire hospitals to leverage digital technology that will improve patient outcomes.”

Dr Kuljit Singh, President of APHM, emphasised the importance of continuously improving healthcare systems to better serve communities. “Despite the challenges faced in the healthcare industry and beyond, we must adapt and innovate to provide the best care possible for our patients. We look forward to co-hosting the HMA conference, where we can collaborate with our healthcare colleagues to discuss and implement technology-based solutions that lead to sustainable and efficient healthcare systems, ultimately resulting in improved patient outcomes,” he said.

Given the rapidly changing landscape of the healthcare industry, the conference’s theme is especially timely. In particular, the conference will feature hospitals that have leveraged the latest digital and smart technologies, seen as pivotal in healthcare’s continued quest to improve the quality of patient care and operational efficiencies.

The conference will offer interactive discussions where attendees can see how top hospitals in Asia are implementing digital technology to address crucial problems, including the shortage of nurses worldwide, medication errors, patient falls, and hospital-acquired infections. The topics to be covered include the automation of nursing duties, the significance of data mining and analytics in improving the quality of care and patient experience, the creation of integrated digital systems to improve care access and patient-centricity, and the implementation of cybersecurity measures to protect digital systems from cyber threats.

The conference will also provide attendees with an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge digital tools that help hospitals provide better, more efficient care. This includes leveraging artificial intelligence and the cloud.

One of the distinguished keynote speakers at the conference will be Dr Anton Decker, President of International at Mayo Clinic. He will be addressing the conference on the topic of data, AI, and connectivity in healthcare. Other industry leaders and professionals from around the world, such as Stephanie Bayer, Senior Director of Patient Experience at Cleveland Clinic in the US, and Dr Ben Widaja, President Director of Mandaya Hospital Group in Indonesia, will also be present to share their expertise and insights on various sessions. Dr Asawin Puwatanasan, Deputy Hospital Director at Bangkok International Hospital, Benedict Tan, Group Digital Strategy Officer and Chief Data Officer at Singapore Health Services. The conference’s panel also includes Stephen Tan, Hospital Administrator at the University of Cebu Medical Centre, Philippines and Monojit Mitra, Facility and Biomedical Director at FV Hospital, Vietnam,

In summary, the joint HMA-APHM conference aims to inspire hospitals to embrace digital technology to improve patient outcomes, and attendees can expect to learn about the latest digital tools and solutions that help hospitals provide better, more efficient care.

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