How SK-II’s Customized Skin Scan Can Transform Your Routine

Skin problems are as unique as each person, and having a skincare regimen tailored to individual needs makes all the difference. 

Finding creative solutions that respond to individual needs is an ongoing pursuit in the ever-changing world of skincare. SK-II, a pioneer in luxury skincare, brings about an AI-powered skin analysis tool called Mini Magic Scan, which is combined with their patented ingredient, PITERA™. This dynamic duo has the potential to change the way we understand and care for our skin.

SK-II Mini Magic Scan

At the 25th World Congress of Dermatology, we tried out SK-II’s new Mini Magic Scan booth.

The Mini Magic Scan is built on an outstanding foundation of research and data. It scans your face and analyzes over 1.2 million data points to determine your skin’s age, features and problem zones. With this amount of datasets, they were able to develop a tool that can deliver personalised insights into the particular needs of each individual’s skin.

This technology not only displays your skin’s age, but also highlights the distinctive qualities of each facial zone. It goes beyond a superficial examination, digging deep into the complexities of your skin to deliver a thorough study. One of the most intriguing features of Mini Magic Scan is its ability to recognise and highlight your “kira kira” (bright, sparkling) points which are the best aspects of your face – talk about a confidence boost!

At the Mini Magic Scan booth at the 25th World Congress of Dermatology

Beyond giving a number for “skin age”, it identifies specific issues in three categories – your “beautiful zone”, “vulnerable zone” and “average zone”. This level of detailed analysis can guide a targeted routine to address each area.

PITERA™, SK-II’s patented ingredient

At the heart of SK-II’s system is PITERA™, their proprietary ingredient made through fermentation. Rich in minerals and amino acids, it nourishes the skin from within to improve resilience, texture and vitality.

Combining the Mini Magic Scan and PITERA™​ gives you a personalized prescription for truly transformative results. Armed with specific knowledge about your skin’s needs, you can optimize every step in your routine for healthier, younger-looking skin. This high-tech approach reflects SK-II’s longtime commitment to scientific research and innovation. As personalization takes hold in skincare, their new system shows how technology can truly empower consumers by revealing the unique secrets of their skin.

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