Healthcare Professionals to Follow on TikTok Singapore

TikTok has become the go-to platform for a lot of professionals to share their key expertise. This has become beneficial not only to showcase their specialities but also for users to gain knowledge. We are seeing this trend become even more popular amongst healthcare professionals.

Healthcare professionals on TikTok are helping users in several ways by utilizing the platform. First and foremost, the ability to inform and educate the public with legitimate information, abolishing self-diagnosis and belief in myths. Healthcare professionals also help raise awareness about important health issues and burning topics such as mental health, vaccination, and sexual health. One of the most helpful is how to prevent the spread of infectious diseases through self-efforts. Healthcare professionals also allow people to relate to them and connect at a personal level through engagements. 

Dr Elias Tam 


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♬ original sound – Dr Elias Tam – Dr Elias Tam

Dr Elias Tam is a university lecturer at the University of London in Master of Surgery (Aesthetics). He has over 1M likes and over 53K followers. Dr Tam uses his TikTok page to explain various kinds of skin diseases and their treatments. His content covers addressing popular home remedies for getting rid of acne and acne marks, what type of products to use for different skin types and aesthetic treatments such as lip fillers or botox. 

Dr Farhan Alami

Why I chose geriatrics – Part 1 of 3 #adulting #tiktoksingapore #medicine #doctor #medicaltiktok #elderly

♬ Here Comes the Sun (The Sound of Birds in the Forest) – Francisco Malaga & Green Planet Studio

Dr Farhan Alami is a geriatrician with over 6K followers on TikTok and over 16K likes. As a geriatrician, Dr Farhan addresses various topics that explain health and care for old people. In many videos published by Dr Farhan explained why she decided to go for Geriatrics, she stated “I chose geriatrics because old people are cool! They have so many stories, life experiences and they are very (very) grateful”. One of her well-performing videos was when she shared about how people wonder what it’s like to be a frontliner or in the medical field during the pandemic. 

Dr Tristan Peh 


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♬ original sound – Doctor Tristan Peh – Dentist – Doctor Tristan Peh – Dentist

Dr Tristan Peh is a dentist based in Singapore with almost 3M followers and nearly 39M likes. Audiences take particular interest in his video covers that show different kinds of candies clasped between his teeth that anyone would wish they had. In his videos, he shows the different POVs (Points of View) a dentist sees when checking up on a patient such as gum diseases, teeth holes, etc. But most of his contents are chewing on sweets! Something dentists would usually ask us to avoid.

Dr Teo Wan Lin 


Dermatologist Talks: Korean Skincare Routine Facial Hacks Want to know what my 3-Step DIY Home Facial looks like? Here’s a hint, it’s also what I call my K-beauty medifacial hack—for all skin types! The concept of a facial isn’t quite defined by science— from the layperson’s perspective it can be a cleanse/extraction/mask treatment at an aesthetician’s ; at a dermatologist’s office this can include laser facials/chemical peels or a combination of procedures. Dermatologist Recommended Skincare Routines Derms generally don’t recommend extractions—this causes worse inflammation and scarring. K-beauty popularised medi-facials which are a form of microdermabrasion (hydrodermabrasion) that exfoliate and infuse nutrients into skin simultaneously.These days home facial devices can mimic certain technologies well—microdermabrasion and radiofrequency for instance in hand-held devices. Chemical peels with gentle fruit enzyme peels like papain and bromelain are safe even for sensitive skin to use at home when formulated correctly. Dermatologist’s Skincare Tips But are facials actually effective? What makes an express facial for that matter—even a thing? Can we hack the process at home? K-Beauty Skincare Routine Basics Instant Glow/Deep Cleansing Face Mist Facial SUITABLE FOR: ALL SKIN TYPES, ESPECIALLY HELPFUL FOR ACNE, PIGMENTATION, AGING SKIN Step 1 CLEANSE EFFECTIVELY Step 2 TONE-INFUSE ANTIOXIDANTS/PEELS Step 3 GEL MASK: LOCK IN ANTIOXIDANT RESERVE WITH VITAMIN C AND DESERT PLANTS Use a blade-style sonic cleanser The Korean medifacial utilises a blade or spatula style device with sonic pulsations to effectively dislodge micro particles such as PM2.5 airborne pollutants and also exfoliation to enhance skin cell renewal. Most clinics incorporate this as the first step in cleansing, which may or may not be followed by hydrodermabrasion. When selecting your tool of choice, look for one that has at least 20,000 pulsations per second and also has the dual function mode— the first is what we call the cleansing mode. #skincareroutine #skincaretips #skincare #sgtiktok #sgdoctor #sgskincare #singaporedoctor #dermatologist #koreanskincare #kbeautyroutine #kbeautyrecommendation

♬ original sound – Dermatologist Dr.TWL – Dr.TWL Dermatologist

Dr Teo Wan Lin is a dermatologist, the author of Skincare Bible: Dermatologist Guide and the founder of @drtwlderma. She has over 102K likes and almost 10K followers on TikTok. She shares various tips on how to achieve glowing and young-looking skin. One of her content that audiences took particular interest in is her video on Korean skincare. She also explains what different formulas are for and how they impact different skin types. What makes Dr Lin different from other dermatologists is that she also shares the importance of being healthy inside that is the secret to glowing outside.

GP Samuel


Replying to @🌸Serrah🌸 Are you corny or warty ? #skingapore #learningisfun #gpsamuel #gpsam #drsamuel #singaporedoctor #sgdoctor #doctorsoftiktok #tiktokdoctor #familymedicine #medicaltok #tiktoksg🇸🇬 #wart #plantarwarts #corn #callous #hpv #viralwarts #foot

♬ Funny video “Carmen Prelude” Arranging weakness(836530) – yo suzuki(akisai)

GP Samuel is a graduate with a Bachelor in Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery. He also holds a Master’s in Public Health. GP Samuel has over 1M likes and almost 60K followers on TikTok. In his content, he explains differences between skin conditions such as corn or warts, different options to lose weight, skincare regimes and many more. One of the most interesting contents he produces is medical quizzes which increase engagement with his followers as well as reacting to medical scenes on movies and tv shows. 

Following healthcare professionals on TikTok can provide a sense of community and support. By following and engaging with healthcare professionals, users can connect with others who share similar health concerns and receive encouragement and advice from experts in the field.

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