Hotline to Manage Poisoning and Overdose Launched in Abu Dhabi

The hotline will provide help to the members of the community on weekdays from 7 am to 11 pm.

The hotline named the Poison and Drug Information Service aims to provide the community with information on how to manage overdose and poisoning cases. This is an initiative by the Abu Dhabi Department of Health’s (DoH) Research and Innovation Centre (RIC). The hotline 800424 was launched during the Middle East and North African Clinical Toxicology Conference (Menatox) by the health regulator.

The hotline’s goal is to prevent poisoning-related injuries and provide treatment and increase awareness on how to safely consume drugs. The caller will be assisted by trained professionals and ROIC will consider the possible partnership between those in the field in order to advance policies and regulations to guarantee the highest standards the emirates can uphold when it comes to chemical safety.

To improve healthcare outcomes, research efforts are being strengthened in Abu Dhabi as per the DoH to develop the clinical toxicology field further. 

Throughout the year, the RIC will explore the possibility of increasing the hotline’s operating hours until it is achieved that it is fully operational 24/7. The next step for the hotline is to expand the list of services that will include the guidance of healthcare professionals wherein data will be collated and examined in order to help increase efficiency, research and planning. 

According to RIC Executive Director Dr Asma Al Mannaei “We are committed to continuously providing comprehensive services that meet all the needs of our community. We call on the community members to leverage the services provided, and to not hesitate in contacting the hotline if any relevant assistance is needed.”

Menatox President Dr Badria Alhatali also mentioned how poison centres around the world have proven their ability to improve the health and safety of the members of society by preventing poisoning. Dr Badria added that they are delighted that the DoH launched the hotline during the conference.

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