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Manila Residents To Receive Medical Missions

To bridge the gap in healthcare accessibility, Manila Vice Mayor John Marvin “Yul Servo” Nieto has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative that has brought essential medical services to the doorsteps of thousands of Manila residents. 

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Philippines Faces Unprecedented Heat Emergency

The Philippines is currently experiencing a scorching heatwave, with the state weather bureau raising alarms over “danger” level heat indexes reaching up to 51 degrees Celsius in nine critical areas.

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Red Yeast Rice Supplements Crisis: Two Deaths And 100+ Hospitalised in Japan

The Japanese government confirmed two deaths and over a hundred hospitalisations, prompting an investigation into the supplements produced by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical. The products in question, including “beni koji choleste help”, contain red yeast rice, known for its cholesterol-lowering properties but also associated with risks of organ damage.

Medical Investigations

Understanding How Stress Impacts Libido

Stress, an omnipresent facet of contemporary life, wields a profound influence on human physiology and behaviour, extending its reach to reproductive health, notably libido. 

Medication & Drugs

Is There a Difference? House Brand vs Branded Medications

In the healthcare landscape, the choice between house brand and branded medications often hinges on cost and consumer confidence. Interestingly, scientific evidence counters this by highlighting that the active ingredients in generic (house brand) and brand-name drugs are identical, ensuring comparable efficacy.