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Is Decaffeinated Coffee Truly Caffeine-Free?

Decaffeinated Coffee Caffeine Content: Examining the Hidden Caffeine Levels Contrary to common belief, decaffeinated coffee is not completely devoid of caffeine. A critical analysis of

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Calamba City Launches “Dugong Bayani, Pusong Bayani” Health Caravan for Valentine’s Season

As Calamba City continues its growth and development, initiatives like the health caravan serve as a reminder of the city’s enduring commitment to progress and prosperity for all. By prioritising public health, economic revitalisation, and community welfare, Mayor Rizal’s administration sets a precedent for municipalities nationwide. In the spirit of “Dugong Bayani, Pusong Bayani,” Calamba City embarks on a journey towards a future characterised not only by prosperity but also by compassion, solidarity, and unwavering commitment to the well-being of its citizens.

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Dental Health

Health Expert Warns Against Purchasing Cheap Dental Items Online In View Of Health Risks

Registered distributors of all dental products in Malaysia are subject to stringent inspection by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and supporting authorities to ensure their quality. Dr Mahendran raised concerns regarding dental practitioners who subscribe to online vendors and distributors to purchase medical devices and dental appliances. He added that the lower prices allowed dentists to provide cheaper services besides promoting offer packages, gifts, and discounts. Dr Mahendran also stated that many private practitioners use unethical advertisements on social media offering discounts, packages, and freebies. According to the Private Healthcare and Facilities and Services Act 2018, these advertisements are prohibited.  

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Nationwide Dengue Cases Drop Significantly in Early January in PH

Health authorities have issued a cautionary note, acknowledging that these figures may fluctuate due to delayed consultations and reporting. It’s noteworthy that while most regions experienced a decline in dengue cases, Caraga and Soccsksargen regions witnessed an increase, reporting 846 and 645 cases, respectively, raising localised concerns.

South Korea Doctors Strike

South Korea’s Medical Fray: Doctors Strike Over Quota Surge

Despite its economic prowess, South Korea grapples with one of the leanest doctor-to-patient ratios among leading economies. The government’s remedy? To boost medical school admissions. However, this prescription has not gone well with the current cadre of doctors, who foresee a future where heightened competition thins their earnings.

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Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Deceptive Goiter “Treatment” on Facebook in The Philippines

These promotions are characterised by altered news footage and baseless claims of approval from the country’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA). However, a thorough investigation reveals a stark disparity: the product in question is notably absent from the FDA’s databases. Additionally, the “license to operate” prominently featured on the product’s website can be traced back to an entirely unrelated company. These discrepancies therefore underscore the urgent need for consumers to exercise caution. Patients should also seek guidance from medical professionals when addressing thyroid-related issues.

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Is Magnesium Glycinate Good for You? Unveiling the Trend Sweeping Social Media

Research on magnesium glycinate points to several potential health benefits that support some of the claims made by its proponents. For instance, magnesium is well-known for its ability to improve sleep quality, particularly in individuals with insomnia. Its calming effect on the nervous system can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Consequently, that promotes a more restful night’s sleep.

Moreover, magnesium plays a pivotal role in muscle function. Therefore, its supplementation can be beneficial in preventing cramps and spasms, a boon for athletes and physically active individuals. The combination of magnesium with glycine in magnesium glycinate may also have a synergistic effect. This is because glycine itself is recognised for its calming properties and may enhance magnesium’s positive effects on sleep and anxiety.