Outrage in Medical Community: Indian Doctor Assaulted Following Maternal Mortality Incident

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In a horrifying occurrence, an angry mob allegedly assaulted Dr Raj Nayan Sinha, a medical professional at Bhabanipur CHC in Purnia, following the death of a pregnant woman. 

The mob, fuelled by grief, assaulted the doctor resulting in severe head injuries and fractures.

As reported, the woman had been admitted for delivery, which occurred without initial complications. However, her condition quickly deteriorated due to post-delivery bleeding. The doctor referred her to another hospital, but tragically, she died en route.

Misplaced Blame: A Doctor in the Crossfire

The family members of the deceased woman, bolstered by an incensed mob, confronted Dr Sinha carrying the woman’s body. Without confirming identities, they savagely attacked the doctor who was not responsible for the morning’s delivery procedure. 

Assailants brutally thrashed the doctor, causing head fractures. This resulted in his head bleeding profusely. He received immediate medical attention following the incident. He is now receiving treatment at Purnia sadar hospital.

The medical staff fled in terror, leaving the premises deserted until law enforcement arrived.

Medical Community’s Reaction: A Call to Arms

This brutal assault has deeply angered the medical community. Dr Abhay Kumar Thakur, Civil Surgeon, called the incident “condemnable,” while doctors from Government Medical College Hospital boycotted work in protest. OPD and General Ward operations were completely halted.

Purnia Doctors Care Association showed solidarity by announcing their intent to wear black badges. Dr Mukesh Kumar, the convenor, stated their readiness to protest if authorities don’t swiftly apprehend the perpetrators.

The Demand for Justice: A Tightening Ultimatum

The Indian Medical Association’s Bihar chapter strongly condemned the attack, demanding the immediate arrest of the assailants within 24 hours. They gave a 48-hour ultimatum to district and health department officials. Additionally, they warned of state-level protests if no action is taken and doctor safety measures aren’t enforced.

Senior vice-president of state IMA, Dr Sunil Kumar, added his voice to the protest, lamenting the situation that allowed an enraged mob to attack a doctor on emergency duty and hold him hostage overnight.

Implications and Consequences: The Aftermath

This incident, captured in a chilling social media video, has amplified concerns over the safety of healthcare workers in Asia. The medical fraternity is demanding swift and stern action against the attackers, pledging continued agitation until justice is served.

Such incidents underscore the urgent need for security measures to protect healthcare professionals, who continue to serve communities despite risks. The resolution of this tragic situation will be a litmus test for governmental intervention in ensuring the safety of those on the medical frontlines.

In conclusion, the brutal assault on Dr Sinha stands as a glaring example of violence against healthcare professionals. The medical fraternity’s reactions, protests, and demands for justice highlight their determination to fight for their rights, even as they continue to provide essential healthcare services. The immediate actions taken by the authorities will serve as a marker for future protections for healthcare workers in Asia.

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