Saudi Arabia’s NEOM Woos Southeast Asian Healthcare Industry

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On the Asian leg of their global ‘Discover NEOM’ tour, NEOM officials made a strategic stop in Singapore on September 18th. 

The event took place at the Pasir Panjang Power Station. It highlighted NEOM’s vision for its future, showcasing its advancements and vast opportunities for potential partnerships.

NEOM and Singapore: Perfect Partners 

Rayan Fayez, the Deputy CEO of NEOM, spoke on the resonance between their vision and Singapore’s goals. “We are delighted to engage with a nation-state that is focused on building its economic and environmental resilience while at the same time investing in sustainable infrastructure and industry to secure its long-term prosperity and security. This aligns seamlessly with NEOM’s mission to redefine optimal livability, business and sustainability,” said Fayez.

Dr. Mahmoud Alyamany, NEOM Health, Wellbeing & Biotech Sector Head, added, “The decision to bring the ‘Discover NEOM’ roadshow to Singapore is not accidental. Singapore stands out as a hub for health and biotech excellence. With its world-class research institutions, a robust ecosystem for startups, and a track record of public-private partnerships, Singapore is leading the way in medical innovation, biotechnological advancements, and health tech solutions. We recognise the immense value and expertise that Southeast Asia, and Singapore in particular, can bring to the table. We’re not just inviting Singaporean companies and talent to be part of our journey. We’re seeking collaboration, mutual growth, and shared visions for the future.”

Singaporean entrepreneurs and pioneers experienced NEOM’s blueprint firsthand through the ‘Discover NEOM: A New Future by Design’ exhibition. This exhibition provided an insightful look into THE LINE – the architectural marvel being constructed in NEOM.

Singapore: A Hub of Medical Innovation

Dr. Mahmoud Alyamany, NEOM Health, Wellbeing & Biotech Sector Head, sheds light on the significance of Singapore in NEOM’s plans. Alyamany emphasised the importance of mutual growth and collaboration between the two regions. He also recognised Singapore’s prowess in medical innovation, biotech advancements, and health tech solutions. 

Dr Alyamany also added their goals for medical innovation. He stated, “Our futuristic health system and top-of-the-line data aggregation systems will be a catalyst for finding cures and developing and providing elite preventative care in NEOM. We have some of the best and brightest minds in terms of health delivery advisors and administrators, specialists, research analysts, and physicians. Additionally, we are building and equipping state-of-the-art research parks where clinical practitioners will be set to practice cutting-edge research and participate in biotech, biosimilar innovations and clinical trials.”

A Mutualistic Relationship with Southeast Asia

NEOM’s health ambitions transcend borders, aiming to create an impact worldwide. Dr Alyamany added how NEOM’s collaboration with Singapore and Southeast Asia can be beneficial:

  • Collaborative R&D: Both regions can harness their combined strengths with NEOM’s state-of-the-art facilities and Singapore’s robust health institutions. This partnership can push the boundaries in areas like genomics and personalised medicine.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Shared learning can revolutionise health practices. By exchanging knowledge with Southeast Asian institutions, both regions can benefit from shared innovations and best practices.
  • Business Prospects: With NEOM’s burgeoning growth in the health sector, ample opportunities await Southeast Asian health and biotech companies, from setting up top-tier medical facilities to innovating health IT solutions.
  • Medical Tourism: NEOM’s planned medical tourism sector will provide Southeast Asia’s residents with advanced medical treatments and wellness therapies.

In Conclusion

NEOM is actively building a bridge between their project to Southeast Asia, especially Singapore. Ideally, it will showcase the potential for a brighter, sustainable future in the healthcare industry. By pooling their resources, expertise, and vision, both regions can witness unprecedented growth and development in the medical field, benefitting countless individuals across the globe.

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