‘We Can’t Wait’: World Lymphoma Awareness Day

world lymphoma day

Today, 15 September 2023, is World Lymphoma Awareness Day. This day aims to raise awareness of the causes, symptoms and treatment of lymphoma. This year’s theme is ‘We Can’t Wait to Focus on Our Feelings’

Lymphoma awareness is not just a buzzword; it’s a critical component of public health, particularly in Asia, where incidence rates are rising. Early diagnosis can make a significant difference in treatment outcomes, and public knowledge about lymphoma is the first step towards that goal. Yet, what adds another layer of importance is the psychological aspect of the disease. Being informed about lymphoma isn’t merely about knowing symptoms; it’s about understanding the emotional journey a patient undergoes.

Types of Lymphoma: Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin

Lymphoma is broadly categorised into Hodgkin lymphoma and Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL). The presence of Reed-Sternberg cells, a specific type of abnormal cell, characterises Hodgkin lymphoma. NHL, however, includes a diverse group of diseases distinguished by the characteristics of the cancer cells involved. Both have different treatment approaches, but what they share is the emotional toll they can take on patients and caregivers alike. Understanding these types of lymphoma can contribute to early diagnosis and help steer emotional support methods in the right direction.

Campaign Highlights: ‘We Can’t Wait to Focus on Our Feelings’

This year’s World Lymphoma Awareness Day has taken an innovative approach by focusing on the emotional well-being of patients. Under the banner ‘We Can’t Wait to Focus on Our Feelings’, the campaign aims to humanise cancer care by acknowledging the psychological struggles patients face.

World Lymphoma Awareness Day

‘Small Things Build Confidence’: Adding to Holistic Well-being

Simultaneously, the ‘Small Things Build Confidence’ campaign offers actionable ways to boost a patient’s self-esteem and mental strength. Empirical evidence from the Lymphoma Coalition supports the idea that confidence correlates with positive healthcare outcomes, adding yet another layer to the necessity for holistic care.

Asia’s Concern: Alarming Statistics and a Call for Comprehensive Care

In Asia, the urgency of the campaigns resonates well due to rising cases of Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin lymphomas. Doctors and other medical professionals increasingly advocate for a dual approach—combining effective treatments with emotional and psychological support.

Join the Conversation: #WeCantWait

The social media angle of these campaigns has been a resounding success, notably the discussions facilitated on the Lymphoma Coalition’s Facebook page. People from all walks of life have engaged in the conversation.

Medical Perspective: Treating the ‘Whole’ Patient

For those in the healthcare profession, the combined message from this year’s campaigns is compelling. Emotional well-being isn’t a secondary concern; it’s integral to treatment. Medical professionals are now increasingly incorporating emotional support as part of their cancer care strategy, ensuring that patients are provided with a complete healthcare experience.

Informed and Empowered: The Journey Forward

Information is not just power; it’s also emotional security. Well-informed patients are better equipped to cope with the physical and emotional challenges of lymphoma. Campaigns like ‘We Can’t Wait to Focus on Our Feelings’ and ‘Small Things Build Confidence’ are more than just slogans—they’re blueprints for future healthcare practices.

Summing It Up: Embracing a Holistic Model

Reflecting on the milestones achieved through this year’s World Lymphoma Awareness Day, the focus is shifting from mere clinical treatment to a more holistic, patient-centric approach. Addressing both the physical symptoms and emotional needs of lymphoma patients is not just an aspiration but a necessity. In the words of the global lymphoma patient organisations, ‘We Can’t Wait’. The push for an all-inclusive approach to lymphoma care is not only timely but also vital.

For more in-depth resources and to get involved, visit World Lymphoma Awareness Day.

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