Zuranolone – Another Hope For Postpartum Depression

Zuranolone – Another Hope For Postpartum Depression
As postpartum depression shadows the joy of many new mothers, Zuranolone emerges as a promising oral alternative, addressing the constraints of the current intravenous treatment.

Postpartum depression (PPD) occurs in about 6.5% to 20% of women[1]. While the birth of a child is traditionally associated with happiness and celebration, some find themselves grappling with a profound sense of sadness, anxiety, and emotional turmoil in the weeks or months following childbirth. Risk factors include depression prior to or during pregnancy, experiencing stressful events during pregnancy, low levels of social and familial support, obstetric complications etc. Not only does untreated PPD affect the mother, it can adversely impact the infant as well as their partners.  Women with PPD are at a higher risk of alcohol and/or substance abuse, while negative maternal-infant interactions have been known to affect cognitive functioning and emotional development in children [2]. 

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