A Look into RizalMed’s Commitment to Psoriasis Care and Innovation

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Rizal Medical Centre (RizalMed) Dermatology Department has provided responsive, affordable, and comprehensive healthcare services since its establishment in 2017.

Particularly noteworthy is RizalMed’s dedicated Psoriasis Centre, which has earned recognition as an advanced comprehensive dermatology center by the Philippine Department of Health.

A Comprehensive Psoriasis Centre

With a mission to offer specialised services, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department caters to over 15,000 consultations annually. Additionally, an average of 1,000 unique patients seek care at the Psoriasis Centre. This specialised facility is also equipped to address the needs of psoriasis patients, offering tailored treatment plans and comprehensive care.

Collaboration for Comprehensive Care

Emphasising a multidisciplinary approach to care, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department fosters collaborations with various specialties. Patients with psoriasis benefit from an efficient referral system to departments such as Nutrition and Dietetics, Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, and the Mental Hygiene Clinic, ensuring holistic management of their condition.

Technological Advancements Through Innovative Treatment Options

To remain at the forefront of technological advancements, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department consistently updates its treatment options for psoriasis. This includes advocating for new treatments in the national formulary and PhilHealth packages and ensuring patient accessibility. The department has also established teledermatology services, leveraging smartphones and online connectivity to enhance access to care for remote and underserved communities.

Continuous Skills Development and Advocacy

Furthermore, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department emphasises continuous skills development and encourages participation in relevant conferences. Partnerships with organisations like Psoriasis Philippines enable the department to increase awareness and support for psoriasis patients, advocating for their needs and rights. Additionally, a dedicated rescue program ensures immediate care for psoriasis patients requiring acute or intensive management. This underscores the department’s commitment to compassionate healthcare delivery.

Guiding Principles for Excellence

RizalMed’s Dermatology Department is guided by six core competencies. They are:

  1. Adherence to standards of care and efficient process flows
  2. Fostering a holistic multidisciplinary approach
  3. Embracing innovative technologies
  4. Conducting relevant research
  5. Maintaining a competent workforce
  6. Advocating for patients

These principles highlight the department’s commitment to providing cutting-edge treatment options and compassionate care for all patients. Additionally it reaffirms its position as a leader in dermatological healthcare in the Philippines.

Continued Growth and Expansion

Looking ahead, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department remains dedicated to advancing psoriasis care and innovation. Plans for continued growth include expanding outreach programs to underserved communities, further enhancing teledermatology services, and collaborating with international partners to access the latest advancements in psoriasis treatment. 

Empowering Psoriasis Patients

Central to RizalMed’s approach is empowering psoriasis patients through education, support, and advocacy. The Psoriasis Centre offers comprehensive patient education programs, equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to manage their condition effectively. Moreover, support groups and counselling services provide emotional support and encouragement, fostering community and patient solidarity. Through advocacy efforts, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department aims to raise awareness about psoriasis, dispel myths and misconceptions, and promote inclusivity and understanding. By empowering psoriasis patients to take an active role in their care journey, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department is dedicated to improving the quality of life and fostering resilience in those affected by this chronic condition.

Harnessing Technology for Patient Care

In line with its commitment to innovation, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance patient care and accessibility. Telemedicine platforms enable remote consultations and follow-ups, bridging geographical barriers and expanding access to specialised care for patients in remote areas. Additionally, the department utilises digital health tools, such as mobile applications and wearable devices, to facilitate self-monitoring and personalised treatment management. 

Fostering Awareness and Inclusivity

In addition, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department is committed to raising awareness about psoriasis and promoting inclusivity and understanding within the community. Educational campaigns, public forums, and outreach programs provide valuable information about psoriasis, its impact on individuals and families, and available treatment options. Moreover, the department actively engages with schools, workplaces, and community organisations to promote acceptance and support for individuals living with psoriasis. Through community engagement initiatives, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department seeks to foster a culture of empathy, compassion, and solidarity. Consequently, this  ensures that psoriasis patients receive the support and understanding they deserve.

A Vision for Excellence and Empowerment

RizalMed’s Dermatology Department’s commitment to psoriasis care and innovation is driven by a vision of excellence, empowerment, and inclusivity. The department also strives to improve the lives of psoriasis patients, enhance healthcare accessibility, and foster resilience and empowerment within the community. This can be done through comprehensive, patient-centred approaches, cutting-edge technologies, collaborative partnerships, and community engagement. Therefore, RizalMed’s Dermatology Department continues to set the standard for psoriasis management in the Philippines, inspiring hope and transformation in those affected by this chronic condition.

Photo credit: Donna Ybanez 

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