Sports & Performance Psychologist Dr Jay-Lee Nair: Being the best you can be!

Recently, we invited Dr Jay-Lee Nair, a Sports and Performance psychologist from Mental Notes onto our YouTube series “The Gist of It”. As we gleaned from Aung La Nsang & Edgar Tham in our previous videos, there is so much we can learn from the elite athletes’ psychology that we can implement as laypeople.

As the term Sports Psychology suggests, it is the study of how psychological factors influence sports and athletic performance. Sports Psychologists work with athletes to teach them skills and tools to overcome problems, enhance athletic performance, ultimately achieving their goals.

Did you know they can also work with corporate professionals? Performance Psychology is the study of how psychological factors influence high-level performance across various fields. This means not only in sports, but even in business! This is where Sports Psychology and Performance Psychology overlaps. Many commentaries have popped up over the years evaluating the application of strategies from sports psychology to enhance employee health, well-being and performance. For example, training mental toughness – the ability to thrive on pressure is critical in both sport and business!

As a Sports and Performance psychologist, Dr Jay-Lee Nair helps both athletes and working professionals to hone their mental skills so they can perform at their best. Watch the full interview with Dr Jay-Lee Nair in the video below:

…recommendation that I have, is the control you have around devices. There are some techniques where CEO have applied a routine of only checking email and WhatsApp at 10am and 2pm, and that has changed their life…in terms of finding rhythm with their work…

Dr Jay-Lee Nair

Try it yourself:  For a week, try to limit your device usage. Check your email and WhatsApp at designated intervals for a better work-life balance. What are your thoughts after this mini-experiment?

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